1st Joint Commission 2 and IGFS Meeting
International Symposium on
Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2016

September 19-23, 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki Walking Tour (Roman and Byzantine Period)

Tour cancelled due to low participation

Join this tour and explore a city with a long history reflected in its important monuments, streets, squares, neighborhoods and secret corners. This is a tour for the fascinating history of Thessaloniki.

Initially, our first stop is in the Rotunda, which was a massive circular structure with a masonry core that had an oculus like the Pantheon in Rome. It has gone through multiple periods of use and modification as a polytheist temple, a Christian basilica, a Muslim mosque, and again a Christian church (and archaeological site).

After the Rotunda we will visit the famous Acheiropoietos-Basilika Church. It was built on the 5th century. It is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. Being a three-aisled basilica with a wooden roof, it is a beautiful sample of Paleo-Christian byzantine architecture.

Finally, we will make a stop at the Paleo – Christian temple of Agia Sophia, one of the most impressive Byzantine churches of Thessaloniki. Located in the center of the city as well, it is a very beautiful “Domed Basilica” style temple with an imposing architecture, beautiful wall paintings and elaborate mosaics.

  • Step back in time on a history tour
  • Visit significant monuments of the Roman and Byzantine period
  • Our guide will be there to give you information for the history of Thessaloniki and answer to your questions
  • Visit Rotunda, Agia Sophia and Acheiropoietos Basilika Church, three very important monuments of the period
  • Take a look at the impressive Arch of Galerius

Date: September 20, 2016
Departure Time: 14:00
Return Time: 16:00
Meeting Point: Main Ceremony Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Price: 30 € per person
Minimum participants: 7 persons

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees

Thessaloniki Walking Tour (From the birth to contemporary Thessaloniki)

Tour cancelled due to low participation

The streets of the city still echo with the gallop of ancient legends such as King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. This is the co-reigning city of the Byzantine Empire – in our thousand year old churches you will still hear the same hymns and psalms today. Go back to the Ottomans’ prime in the 16th century and feel the tides of change as western ideas merge with eastern traditions in this major urban centre. Thessaloniki is the theatre in which the awe inspiring play of history is performed by a constant movement of cultures.

Thessaloniki’s legendary past and its unique mix of cultures shape a lively present. New ideas are visible all around and it could not be any other way given that the city is part of the European Union’s Innovation Zone and a centre of major international institutions.

Join this tour to capture Thessaloniki’s past and to explore the modern contemporary Thessaloniki. With an expert guide, stroll around the historical heart of the city to see the White Tower – the symbol of Thessaloniki and enjoy a guided tour of the Archaeological Museum. Absorb jaw-dropping views of Thermaikos by visiting Thessaloniki’s renovated waterfront and the famous rendition of “Umbrellas” – symbol of the modern contemporary Thessaloniki.

  • Visit the city’s landmark White Tower, the Great Alexander Statue the famous rendition of “Umbrellas”
  • Enjoy a unique walk along the waterfront in Thessaloniki
  • Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city

Date: September 21, 2016
Departure Time: 10:00
Return Time: 12:00
Meeting Point: Main Ceremony Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Price: 35 € per person
Minimum participants: 7 persons

  • Bus tickets
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees

Jewish and Ottoman Tour

Tour cancelled due to low participation

The Jewish and Ottoman Tour will give the participants the opportunity to take a look at the most important sites of the historical past of Thessaloniki.

The Jewish history of Thessaloniki, is comprised of various communities; the Romaniote, Ashkenazi and the Sephardim, coming at different times and exercising various influences on the city. Visit the Flower market, the Yad Lezikaron and the Monastirioton Synagogues, the villa Allatini, the Saoul Moudiano arcade, the flower market, the Holocaust monument, the Gatenio mansion, the Nahmia building, the Kazes mansion and the Jewish museum.

1430-1912 – Ottoman Thessaloniki
An important period for the city and is linked with many buildings, that you can discover during this walk in the city. Bey Hamam (Paradise Baths), Geni Hamam, Alatza Imaret, Hamza Bey, Bezesteni, Louloudadika, Giahounti Hamam, the Ottoman Bank, and Emniet Han are living monuments, that will make the participants understand the influence of this period in Thessaloniki.

  • Enjoy this guided walking tour in Thessaloniki
  • Visit all the important sites related to Jewish and Ottoman history of Thessaloniki.
  • Explore villa Allatini, Saoul Moudiano arcade, Bey Hamam, Alatza Imaret and many other buildings and monuments, part of the Jewish and Ottoman past of the city
  • Walk around the city of Thessaloniki

Date: September 23, 2016
Departure Time: 16:30
Return Time: 18:30
Meeting Point: Main Ceremony Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Price: 35€ per person
Minimum participants: 7 persons

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees

Vergina Tour

Tour cancelled due to low participation

Vergina (Greek: Βεργίνα) is a small town in northern Greece, located in the regional unit of Imathia, Central Macedonia. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Veroia, of which it is a municipal unit. The town became internationally famous in 1977, when the Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos unearthed what he claimed was the burial site of the kings of Macedon, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. The finds established the site as the ancient Aigai. The site of the Royal Tombs under a modern roof hosts the main excavation, as well as an exhibition of the major finds from the burials. It is protected by UNESCO as world cultural heritage and comprises a unique discovery of an enormous universal impact. Don’t lose the opportunity to visit this archaeological treasure of Macedonia! After the tour we will visit a local restaurant, where you can enjoy your lunch!

  • 1-day Greece tour to Vergina, departing from Thessaloniki
  • Enjoy a guided tour of Vergina
  • Visit the Tomb known as the Tomb of King Phillip II and the finds of the other Tombs
  • Visit the museum of Vergina
  • Feast your eyes on the marvelous treasures
  • Taste greek receipes in a local restaurant

Date: September 24, 2016
Departure Time: 09:30
Return Time: 17:30
Meeting Point: Main Ceremony Hall of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Price: 82€ per person
Minimum participants: 15 persons

  • Transport by air-conditioned coach
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch

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