1st Joint Commission 2 and IGFS Meeting
International Symposium on
Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2016

September 19-23, 2016
Thessaloniki, Greece

Determination of the gravitational potential at GOCE-type satellite position via ground datum stations using ultra-high precise frequency signal transmission

20/09/2016 | 14:45 | Session 2: New measurement techniques


Ziyu Shen and Wenbin Shen


We provide a way to determine the in situ Earth’s gravitational potential at a GOCE-type satellite orbit via ground datum stations, based on frequency signal transmission between the ground datum stations (GDS) and the satellite. By emitting and receiving frequency signals between the GOCE-type satellite and a GDS, we can determine the gravitational potential at the satellite orbit. For a near-polar satellite (GOCE-type satellite) with height about 250 km above the geoid, we choose several datum stations to determine the gravitational potential at the satellite position. Simulation results show that the accuracy of the determined gravitational potential at the satellite position can achieve equivalent centimeter level if (1) the accuracy of the given potentials at GDSs is about 1 cm level, and (2) optical atomic clocks with instability of 1*10E-18 are available. Our final purpose is to measure a potential distribution over a satellite boundary surface (SBS), which is a quasi-spherical surface, and determine the Earth’s external gravity field based on the potential distribution on SBS, which will be discussed separately. This study is supported by National 973 Project China (grant No. 2013CB733301 and 2013CB733305) and NSFC (grant Nos. 41174011, 41210006, 41429401).

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